Outlive Your Life Book Cover Outlive Your Life
Outlive Your Life series
Max Lucado
Christian based
Thomas Nelson
Hard cover

Chapter 1 and 2: In chapter 1 Max tells us about how we are like nobody else we are unique in our own way, he also tells us that we have been given our own special life that nobody else has and nobody else can have exactly your life. He also tells us about living our life, he tells us that we need to live our life knowing that we might go to heaven one day and that we need to do right things so that we may go to heaven one day. Max also told us that some people just live there life not caring about these thoughts and go through life not asking why they live or die. In chapter 2 Max tells us to be a follower not a fan, not a common folk, not joe pot roast, but to be a completely, committed, follower. This means that we need to have God in our heart, not just reading the Bible but to have God in our minds and heart and to know he will always be there to protect us and hear our prayers.

Chapter 3: In this chapter Max tells us that God can do amazing things that can make us do things that are good. One of these things is if you see somebody in need and you don’t really feel like you can help because you are to nervous, God could break open your “clamshell” and let the Holy Spirit work inside of you so that you could help that family or person in need. Max tells us that sometimes we just want to hide in our clamshells so that we can stay safe and warm from the dangers of outside, but sometimes we need to break that clamshell and learn to help people so that they do not get hurt, or we could learn to break out and spread the word so that they may go to heaven one day if they do not know God.

Chapter 10: Max tells about widows being greedy and selfish and hiding their identity forever and they also get no money or financial aid. This sometimes can become a problem because then they all come to the church for food and then there would be no food for others, but that can lead to them getting into the word of the lord. But sometimes they would get rejected by people and would not be respected right and that would make them mad. Jesus’s first message was that he had a passion for the poor, meaning that he loved and respected the poor and sick and that he would do anything to heal them or to make them more believe in him that he was the son of God.

Chapter 1 prayer: God thank you for making me unique in the way I am, thank you for making my life so amazing with all the food, wealth, and family, thank you for making it like no other person’s life. In your name I pray, Amen.

Chapter 2 prayer: God I know that sometimes I may not always know you in my heart, but forgive me so that I may go to heaven and live there for eternity, God make me a completely, committed, follower so that I can see you in my heart and brain. In your name I pray, Amen.

Chapter 3 prayer: God help me to break my clamshell to help others and to make them believe more in the word of God so that they might go to heaven one day, and not to hide in my clamshell but to stay out and spread the word of God for you. In your name I pray, Amen.

Chapter 10 prayer: God I confess I don’t always give to others, so I ask of you, can you fill me with the Holy Spirit so that I have the courage and love to share the word of God to others and to give to others. In your name I pray, Amen.