Spring-forward, Fall-back
People wonder why we have spring forward and fall back, well a little after the beginning of time the farmer was getting mad of his crops not growing because of the loss of sunlight. Every year he got so mad when his crops wouldn’t finish growing because of the loss of sunlight, so that night he had a master plan to make it so that he would have more sunlight.
At about 200 B.C. there was a very lonely and sad farmer who barely made any money to live with all because he did not have enough daylight for his crops to grow. So the farmer got the guts and went up to the Sun God’s palace and took Time and turned Time forward so he could have more daylight,
“That should do it,” he said.
Then he hid Time somewhere so dark and deep in the ground that the Sun God could never ever find it. The next day the Sun God was outraged and wanted to find out who stole Time so he went to every house in the world asking everyone saying,
“If you do not find out who it is then you will be punished greatly.” said the Sun God
But he did not go to the farmer’s house because he knew that the farmer was too weak to steal Time and could not find a good reason why the farmer would do it.
Year after year, the farmer had great crops. He sold so much crops that by the end of the year he was rich and all because of his crops growing because of more sunlight. Though this had a horrible impact on the Sun God because was getting tired of shining all the time. So one day he stopped shining, he got so tired that he plummeted down from the sky and crash landed on the ground. It was dark for at least a month until the farmer came up to the Sun God and asked him why he wasn’t shining anymore. The Sun explained why, at that very moment the farmer had a change in heart and the farmer felt bad and explained that he had Time this whole time hidden somewhere so deep that the Sun couldn’t even find it, and that he turned Time forward. This enraged the Sun blasting the farmer back down to earth. The Sun took Time back to his palace and turned him back to restore time.
After this every year in the spring the farmer would go up and steal Time and turn him forward and then in the fall the sun would take Time back and turn it back. This would repeat every year and this is why we have spring forward and fall back.