The Maze Runner Book Cover The Maze Runner
The Maze Runner Series
James Dashner
Science Fiction
Dell publishing
Paper back

Teenagers tortured in Maze 

by Brooks Guyton

Wicked the science group has put many innocent teenage boys in a Glade surrounded by a big Maze that they created. They then put teenage boys in the Maze to test them, but the boys do not know who or what is going on. Wicked has made them so that they can not remember anything, so they have no idea why they are there or who they are. The only thing they remember is their name.

They each get delivered up in a metal box every month with supplies so that they can survive in the glade. They each had a job to do in the glade, according to Alby. Alby was the first to come up out of the box so he is technically the leader, he believed that if they worked together and didn’t hurt each other and stayed out of the Maze at night they would stay alive.

One of the gladers said this after they got out “ I was so afraid and I didn’t know what was going on” this quote was from Thomas one of the gladers that made it out. The guy who was called the “hero” because he helped them all get out safely, and he came up with the plan to get out, and it worked. It was rough to get out according to the gladers that made it out, they said mostly because of the grievers the half robot half monster looking things that killed most of their friends on the way to freedom through the Maze. “If you weren’t scared you weren’t human” said one of the gladers.

For now they are staying in a hotel protected by military people and hopefully that Wicked doesn’t get their hands on them again so that they can experiment on them or torture them.

Their new question is what will happen now? And why were they put there in the first place? Or was all of this on purpose for their experiment. Now that the world is burnt from the scorching sun what will they do? How will they live their lives or will the journey continue?